Research, development& CASTING

We listen to what you're thinking and help you to develop amazing concepts. We love that stuff. We have relationships with some of the top talent agents in town, so if you want to get a quote from that special Hollywood actor, let us know.


We can either bring in a pro to draw out the story, or start to write visual treatments and break these into shot lists. 


We have a massive list of London's finest locations and can clear almost any external location for shooting. 

Costumes & PROPS

We have relationships with all of the best costumes and prop houses in London. 

production management, CREWing & Shooting

We produce and manage most of our smaller shoots between ourselves, but bring in dedicated production managers when we're very busy or for a large and complex project. We shoot all cameras, including film. 

Post Production

We have two offline edit suites in house, and close relationships with online editors / editing houses as well as sound mixers. We also have accounts with top talent agencies and can record voice overs for you with top named actors.